Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Sweet rhymes and fun times!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Today we went diving
so prepare for some rhyming.

We started our day
with pancakes and cafe.

Next up was orientation
working on our group formation.

The human knot we beat,
reached our goals which was sweet!

Wrote our expectations on the flag
so this trip won't be a drag.

Safety and technology we discussed,
sunscreen and hydration is a must!

Flip flops on our feet,
seeing the ocean was a treat.

We swam all the way to the boat,
everyone managed to stay afloat.

On the boat we did our brief,
discussed the fishes and the reef.

Regulator recovered, mask cleared,
normal check-out dive - nothing weird!

Nudibranchs, pipefish galore
and octopi - what a score!

Nasi goreng for our lunch,
applied sunscreen a bunch.

From the boat, we did our flips
from water bottles, we took sips.

Second dive, we played some games
Buoyancy and buddy teams were our aims.

After the dives, we took our showers
being outside and smelling flowers.

Before our dinner, a show we saw
a Balinese dance had us in awe.

Yummy food all around,
crepes for dessert we downed.

Walked back along the beach,
looked at the stars out of reach.

Now we will go count our sheep,
so we can drift off to sleep.

-Angie and Victor