Bali + Lombok: Scuba


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

7:10 was wakeup time
it was sublime
were in our prime

breakfast was very yummy
it was very yummy
inside our tummies

we sipped our tea
and coffee
while we looked at a big tree

then moved on to EFR
we were afar
up with the stars

learned all bout primary care
oh yes I swear
it was not a scare

at noon we had dank lunch
we knew it was time to munch
and our food went crunch

after lunch we took a nap
and saw a cat
yes really, no cap

Later on we found the beach
We almost screached
so pretty we were left without speach

beach cleanup is where we found many nets
along with trash that was soaking wet
and time went on and it was sunset

we found some pretty swings
talked about various things
and no one got a sea urchin sting

Then we had dinner
it was a real winner
and when it was over we all had a glimmer