Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Dives Against Debris

Thursday, July 25, 2019

It was an hour and a half boat ride
to an island that was very wide

We jumped in the water for dive one
We saw more nudibranches than anyone

when we stepped off the boat onto shore
we quickly raced around and were ready to tour

the temples we saw were made of coral
we were all so happy we could not quarrel

This is the end of my rhymes
Let me tell more of our times

After seeing and learning about the 16th century temples that the Balinese people use as a place of worship, we ventured back to the dive boat and departed towards our second dive. The dive site was called Eel garden. This was our debris dive where we picked up trash on the ocean floor. The dive went well and we saw some cool fish and collected all the trash we could find. We saw a lot of eels and a big turtle laying on the reef which was the highlight of the dive for many of us. After the second dive we had lunch and relaxed in the sun and jumped off the boat. After we were finished eating lunch we departed once again for our third and final dive of the day. Our final dive site was called Sandy Slope. We descended down to the bottom and moved our way along a beautiful wall with vibrant corals and fish. Towards the end of the dive, we found a large octopus hiding in a hole which was the highlight of the dive. After the third dive we began the long boat ride back to our hotel. Everyone freshened up and we headed off to dinner. Dinner was excellent. We had a choice of chicken and fish, both of which were great, and finished dinner with chocolate crepes and ice cream. It was awesome. After dinner we reflected on the day and shared our favorite moments. Then we walked back to the hotel and we all headed off to bed.