Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Ultra Rad

Friday, July 26, 2019

Woke up at seven,
breakfast was heaven

Emergency first responder,
In that time did we ponder
In that test our mind did wander

While on our night dive it was very dark
Some saw shark,
but some eyes were not as sharp

After our early wake up at 7, we ate breakfast and were ready for the last of our EFR. We reviewed some quizzes, and practiced splints and wrapping. Once most of the EFR was completed we walked to a local dive shop where we were briefed on what a Dive Against Debris is and had a tasty lunch. Our guides brought us ice cream before we left to go on our first dive of the day. We geared up and went on a dive picking up trash on the sea floor. The site was mostly sandy and had a lot of plastic on the floor which we made sure to pick up and bring to the boat with us. However, we were still able to see some seahorses and a few cool fish while diving. After resurfacing, we sorted and counted the trash collected to send the data off for research. During only a 45 minute dive, we collected hundreds of pieces of trash littered all over the ocean floor.
After our Dive Against Debris, we switched our tanks to go on our first night dive of the trip. This was an exciting dive as some people saw a white tip reef shark while others saw a lobster. We then covered our lights and saw bio-luminescent in the water. Once our eventful night dive was finished, we rinsed off and enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant.