Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Rescue Divers

Saturday, July 27, 2019

We started our day with the rescue dive course
we tried to keep our eyes open with all of our force
but it was alright because later we saw a seahorse

after our studies we went to the boat
where we ate our lunch while staying afloat
also we finished our navigation dive but we did not gloat

after our day of dives we rushed to a temple
it was insane you could call it mental
but we had to be quiet, we had to be gentle

at the end of our day we went to a beach
with monkeys so close, within our reach
they scared us a little, they made us screech

We got up at 7:30 and then breakfast, and then headed up stairs for the rescue diver video. Two hours later we went to the beach and got ready for the first dive, we practiced our navigation skills, we also saw lots of nudibranks. The second dive after lunch aimed at our rescue diver skills and knowledge, but we also saw seahorses. Then we departed from the crew and boat showered and not so fastly got ready for the pearl farm and monkey temple without monkeys. Then wachted a sunset with monkeys and had pissa for dinner.