Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Dawn dives and bus rides

Monday, July 29, 2019

we all woke up at 4:45,
to go on a swaggy sunrise dive
as the sun went up, we went down
as we descended, there were no frowns
While submerged, we watched majestic parrot fish
They were all so colorful, we could not miss
We then had a light breakfast and geared back up
We were right back into the water with no mix-ups
After one final dive it was time to eat
we were all so exhausted, so we all took a seat
lunch was very good, some may say nice
we even ordered a plate full of ice
next we headed back to our hotel and chilled by the pool
when we pushed each other in, we all became very cool
As the sun set, we practiced our stellar emergency-first-responder skills
but once the sun had fully set we all got sudden chills
The counselors both faked emergencies,
while we treated them with urgency
Lastly, our dinner of tempeh was very yummy
We were all incredibly happy with our filled tummies
Under the table, a cat begged for food
Which most of us fed, because it was incredibly cool
Then it was time for us to say goodnight
But it was all good cuz our day was more than alright