Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Manta Madness

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We had an early start to our day,
as we left we all wished we could stay,

Our hotel so big and grand,
our bus ride was quite bland.

Our first dive was cold and crowded,
you could say our minds were quite clouded.

Down in the deep, we saw some Manta Ray.
Against the cliffs, in the middle of the bay.

On to our second dive without any delay,
we jumped in the water and drifted away.

Then off the boat, we sprang into the van,
down the coast we drove, our merry old clan.

After we finished our 2 dives, we settled down for the 2 hour drive to Ubud. We arrived at our hotel just before 5:00pm. We unpacked our gear and gave the equipment a good rinse. At around 6:00 we walked from our hotel to a nearby wood-fired pizza place for dinner, The food was great and we all had plenty to eat after a long day of diving and traveling. We reflected on our day and shared our favorite memories and experiences. After dinner we made the short walk back to the hotel. We all began our shark conservation skill by watching the SharkFin 2 Documentary. A great film dedicated to shining a spotlight on practice of shark-finning and the 150 million sharks that are killed each year because of it. After the movie we all headed off to bed to get a good nights rest for the day ahead.