Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Monkeys, monkeys, everywhere!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Got up to cook went and took a look

At the goods as we could then we went to the class

She talked a lot while she stirred the pot

Lunch was ready and we had quite a munch

Getting ready for the forest with a bunch of tourist

Monkeys were sick in every direction u pick

Rescue diver review had a cup of brew

Took awhile to do

Bed came early too

We were woken up at 7am for an early breakfast of eggs and fruit. After this, we gathered our stuff and headed to the market to learn about the ingredients we were going to use in our cooking class. We toured the market and were able to buy some souvenirs at the end to bring home. We then walked to the outdoor cooking area and set up for our cooking class. We were given tasks such as cutting vegetables, mincing garlic, cooking chicken, or making dressings. After a few hours of cooking we were able to eat what we made. After our lunch, we had a short break then walked to a monkey forest. We walked around taking pictures of the monkeys and avoided the few aggressive ones that wanted our stuff. After walking around for around an hour, we went back to the hotel to finish some Rescue Diver knowledge reviews and relax a bit before dinner at a Greek restaurant. Dinner was delicious but we got a bit rushed since we found out that our Balinese fire dance started earlier than expected. We walked in to chanting, fancy costumes and alien language. Throughout the dance there were many cool scenes and the show ended with some fire dancing. While walking home we mimicked the sounds and noise that we just heard and prepared for our early wake up the next morning.

- Zack