Bali + Lombok: Scuba

The beautiful, bumpy boat ride

Friday, August 2, 2019

At 6:30 we arose
And for an hour we were on the roads

Arriving at the ferry and unloading with haste
And across the ocean we raced

Arriving at Gili Air
We all like it there

Hopped in the boat for a training dive,
Learning how to keep each other alive

A quick dinner before a shark talk
about their importance to the earth on which we walk

Today we woke up at 6;30, which felt great after yesterdays early morning. We got on the bus and drove to the port where we loaded onto the ferry to Gili Air. Upon arrival we all got into horse-drawn carriages and traveled to our hotel, dropped off our bags and had lunch. Next we got onto the boat and had a dive to practice our rescue diver skills. We were able to work on our actions in various scenarios where a diver would need help underwater. Returning from the boat we spent some time in the training pool to practice a few techniques we couldn't in the ocean. Much of the pool session was about towing an unresponsive diver at the surface. We then grabbed dinner and came back to the hotel for a lecture about shark conservation. The speaker was the founder of a foundation called Shark Guardian and we learned about the threats that sharks face all over the world and how we can help. We loved it!