Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Eco warriors to the rescue!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Starting the day in a very good way
We got to sleep-in before beginning the day

Gili Eco Trust arrived in the morn'
and 8 new coral warriors were born

Overturned coral we flipped
Making sure none were skipped

Healthy, broken-off corals we collected
Dead and diseased corals we rejected

Diving down to the biorock
Planting corals was a cake-walk

Thank you Sian for teaching us
We now have plenty new things to discuss

Eco work had us famished
Plastic straws we banished

After lunch, we took a nap
It was great, no cap, no cap, no cap!

Next up, we hit the waves
Unresponsive divers, we saves!

Giving rescue breaths in the water
Our rescue skills couldn't be hotter

That was the last of our rescue course
Ask us anything, we're a great source

We washed our gear to make it shine
The whole day had us on cloud nine

The end of scuba is arriving
It's okay, tomorrow we are freediving!

We ended our day with ice cream
Good night everyone, it's time to dream

-Angie and Victor