Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Freeeee faaallllling

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Wake up was at 7
We were in the water by 11
But this time with no scuba gear
Because our free diving course is finally here!
We all dove down pretty deep
Some to nearly 40 feet!

After breakfast, a few free diving instructors came to teach us how to dive down deep without a scuba tank (like fancy snorkeling). After explaining the proper fin kicks and breathing techniques to the group, we headed out onto the boat and tried it for ourselves. We practiced diving down deep along a line attached to a heavy weight at the end. Many of us even reached 12 meters (aka 36 feet). Once we had all dove down a few times, we headed back to land for some lunch. Following this, we took our rescue diver celebrations of knowledge (un-failable tests). After finishing our test, we learned our final rescue diver skill - setting up an oxygen tank to deliver 100% oxygen in the case of most diver related injuries (ie: shock, decompression sickness, non-breathing diver, diver breathing weakly, etc). Lastly, we created an emergency action plan - a written sheet of instructions for us to reference in the case of an actual stressful emergency. After fully completing our rescue diver course, we headed to dinner at a restaurant right on the beach. On our way back to the hotel, a few of us found a coconut on the beach. We tried to crack it on rocks for while, but were only able to peel away some of its skin. So, we brought it to the dive master people and they opened it for us. Then we gave it to Angie, cause Angie likes coconuts.

-zπŸ₯‘πŸœπŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ (Zoe)