Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Certified Free Divers

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

As we learned about free diving
We surely were thriving

We dove down deep
Down to the bottom we creeped

Stand up paddle boarding was fun
Even though we had to work a ton

After we ate a lovely breakfast at the dive shop, we finished our free diving theory before heading out on the boat. Once we arrived at the spot, we practiced rescuing a free diver underwater before doing some more fun dives. A few of us broke our records, but we were careful not to pass 20 meters. Once we were tuckered out, we drove to Turtle Heaven to snorkel with some turtles and show off our free diving skills. After this, we ate lunch (which included brownies) and had some free time before heading out in the water once more for sunset stand up paddle boarding. This was harder than we expected as we had to fight wind and current, as well as the constant threat of being pushed off your board by a fellow camper. Some of us only fell in once or twice, while others fell in six or seven times. Once we tired ourselves out, we watched the sunset from our boards on the water before paddling back to shore for our last dinner on Gili Air.