Bali + Lombok: Scuba

Time to say bye!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

21 days have come and gone
This trip has definitely not been a yawn
We've had some good fun during this time
Let us tell you about in this rhyme

We started to learn about our advanced
Our navigation and buoyancy skills were enhanced
We cleaned the ocean in a dive against debris
Went to Menjangan Island and saw deer in the sea

Next up we practiced our first aid skills
and learned that a nudibranch is a sea slug with gills
Visiting temples and exploring a waterfall,
Monkeys and ornate ghost pipefish all around, y'all

We traveled onward to Amed, our next stop
Diving the USAT Liberty and a beautiful coral wall drop
Watching sunrise from our ocean view porch
Seeing bumpheads at dawn with our torch

Nusa Penida was chilly but treated us well
Majestic mantas had us under their spell
Making a human chain during the drift dive
We never felt more alive

We slowed our pace down when we got to Ubud
We made yummy Indonesian food in our cooking class, dude
Waking up early for sunrise, we hiked
Mt. Batur was definitely an experience we all liked

The group had fun watching monkeys in the trees
Beware! They could steal your keys
Walking on fire is a thing for the locals
During the Balinese dance, we all liked the vocals

We took a bumpy speed boat ride on to Gili Air
We could look at this ocean view all day, I swear
We arrived at our hotel by a carriage and horse
This is the place where we finished up our rescue course

Unresponsive divers and missing buddies
We learned about sharks conservation studies
Broken off corals we all helped to save
Building up reefs to protect from the wave

Diving down on one breath, we felt so free
Spending time in Bali had us in glee
Soon we will get on our planes to go fly
Thank you for following, time to say bye!

-Angie and Victor