St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Day 1!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hello from the new crew of Cavendish!

Today was our very first day of program for the excited new students of GV22! Everyone arrived safe and sound at the Grenada airport, where Amelie, one of our dive instructors, and Grace, a dive instructor on our sister boat Nil, waited to greet them. Once both crews were fully assembled at the airport, our students taxied over to Port Louis, where our beloved yacht Cavendish was waiting for them on the dock. John, the Cavendish skipper and sailing instructor, and Leah, our other scuba diving instructor, welcomed the group aboard and helped them get their belongings down into the cabins where our students will be living for the next 20 days.

Everyone gathered on the trampolines, a set of hammock-like nets at the bow of the catamaran, to talk about our program and start getting excited about the next 3 weeks. Our instructors introduced themselves to the group, and then the students took turns sharing a bit about themselves. Once everyone was acquainted, we discussed some of our program rules, expectations, and our busy busy day tomorrow: we plan to sail, dive, work on our knowledge reviews, and find time to do all of our orientations!

After our program orientation, we spent a few minutes sorting out our dive gear and stowing it, before John kicked off our yacht orientation. He talked through all sorts of boat safety considerations, and taught all of us about what living on a boat entails. In the meantime, Amelie and Leah worked on cooking up an incredible dinner of stir-fry and rice. Once dinner was done and everyone felt up on the ways of boat life, we all sat down to eat our first boat meal together. We did our pre-dinner activities, talking through a quote of the day and toasting to new goals and new adventures, then gorged ourselves on two or three servings each. We all talked about our travels, from the flights here today to our customs misadventures in the past to places we want to go someday. It was a fun way to get to know each other, and it got us all excited for the next 20 days!

After dinner, we did our first boat cleanup, with everyone pitching in to get the boat back into perfect shape. We did our dishes, scrubbed our deck, and got our kitchen clean in less than 20 minutes - it was super efficient, and everyone was so helpful!

Once cleanup was done, each student checked in with the instructors, delivering their passport and SIM card (don't worry, they'll all get them back on Sundays for calls home!) and chatting about their goals for the trip one-on-one. Now, having finished all we have to do for today, we can all relax aboard our new floating home. Tomorrow is going to be an early morning, and it's sure to be a busy day, but we can't wait to tackle it!
We, the instructors of Cavendish, are so happy to welcome Grace, Alison, Paige, Chloe, Matt, Daniel, Peter, and Jonah onboard. We're super excited about this group already, and so stoked to see what the next few weeks will bring!

Signing off for tonight,

John, Leah, and Amelie

P.S. to Chloe and her family: we're so excited for you to get here tomorrow! No worries on arriving late, you won't miss too much at all. We can't wait to meet you!!