St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Peanut Butter

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hi from Isle De Ronde!! Today we woke up to some Swedish music at 5:30 to go to Big Blue for a dive. All of our dives so far have been Drift Dives where we prepare our gear, and move the boat to our dive site while we brief. Then our skipper yells "10 minutes" and we go to the front of the boat to get out of our PFDs and put on our gear while it is moving. Then we get our weight belts on and sit with our dive buddies on the steps and do a buddy check. When the ten minutes have passed, we get a ten second countdown. At the end of the countdown, we jump in the water almost on top of each other very quickly and the current pulls us from the boat. As soon as Leah and Amelie are in the water, we descend! Our first dive was at Big Blue, where we saw a giant turtle! There was a heavy current on this dive but the reef was very pretty. My favorite part of these dives are when we swim into the blue at our saftey stop where we cannot see anything below or on eather side of us, just blue.

When got back from that dive, we had french toast for breakfast made by Alison and Jonah. We then did some EFR knowledge reviews and had free time. At 10 ish we had our second dive at Triplet Sisters and we saw so many cool fish and corals. The reef was super healthy, it looked like a Planet Earth clip. Then, we did Primary Care Knowledge Reviews. After that, we ate lunch, which was burritos. Then, we took a nap. Its was hot. We don't really remember what happened right after lunch because our day was very long and there is a lot of things that we did. Oh yeah! We went diving to Flying Turtle again, which was filled with beautiful long coral that looked like a forest. After our third dive, Alison,Chloe,Grace,Daniel,Pietro,Matt, Jonah , and I decided to play some soccer and brought the ball to the beach and played. On our way back, Chloe got into a head-but fight with a shark and got a black eye and claims she won, but I think she lost. Jokes, that didn't really happen. We pushed the ball back to the boat only using our heads for absolutely no reason and drank lots of salt water. We then showered. It took three people and some hair ripping to get Grace's hair untangled. Alison's bathing suit which was on the boat's lifelines fell off after we all showered. She was a busy bee making din din and Chloe jumped to save it. We had pad Thai for dinner and watched a really cool sunset on top of the boat with the duck named Francis. Francis is the yellow duck you might see in pictures. We have 19 jars of peanut butter and we are planning to each have our own jar and bring them on a dive with us.

From, Paige