St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Goodbye Isle de Ronde!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Today was day five of our trip, and so far it has been amazing! We woke up at 6, then in 45 minutes went on a dive at Triplet sisters. The dive was a great drift dive, with a swift current pulling us so nicely along the reef that we didn't even need to swim. The reef was super healthy and filled with schools of fish. It was an awesome way to start the day! After the dive we set sail to Carriacou, where John went through customs and we did some EFR training. We learned how to properly protect ourselves from bloodborne pathogens and other dangerous diseases using gloves and various masks. We also learned about primary assessments, how to assess the safety of a scene, and how to manage the three S's: shock, serious bleeding, and spinal injuries. Then we had some quesadillas for lunch and again set sail, this time to the beautiful resort island of Petit Saint Vincent. During the sail, it began to rain on one side of the boat but not the other. Apparently this is a usual occurrence in the Caribbean islands, but it was super cool for us to see!

After arriving in Petit Saint Vincent, we quickly realized that it was incredibly hot and we needed to cool off. So, we decided to go to the beach! We all swam to the beach and stayed for about an hour. The sand was almost sugar white. Apparently, there is also a pretty reef near where our boat is anchored, so we might go snorkel there tomorrow before we leave again. There is also a sandbar a little ways from the beach, so we might go park our boat there tomorrow as well.

After coming back from the beach, we showered and prepared for another EFR lesson. This time we got to use the CPR dummy and practice the sequence- STOP, THINK, ACT. We each got a turn assessing the scene and performing CPR on Freddie, our dummy. Over just four short days we have managed to name many of our appliances. After EFR we had dinner, pesto pasta, which was very quickly devoured after our lovely day of sailing and lots of naps. Now we are awaiting the arrival of our sister boat, Nil, to share a peach upside down cake. Overall, today has been a pretty good day, and we are so excited for whatever we have coming up in the next 17 days!