St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Tobago At Last

Friday, July 26, 2019

Good evening everyone from Cava!!

The day today started off early for everyone because we had to face an amazing 2 hour sail from Union Island to the beautiful blue marine park of Tobago cays where we moored and had breakfast all together. Unfortunately due to the weather conditions we weren't able to go on an island excursion, but the day was compensated with a crazy amount of fun by snorkeling to the beach and having the amazing experience of swimming with turtles, sting rays and some little baby sharks.

Towards 10:00 am we came together to start working on our second chapter in our rescue book course that was followed by a relative quick and fun lecture done by our dive instructors. Then, after a bit of free time, we were all in the mood for food and cooked some mac and cheese. After lunch we had a 30 minutes break in which we just enjoyed our time on the boat by jumping in the water from the bow of the boat, reading a nice book or just sitting together and having a nice chat.

In the evening it was study time again with the third chapter and third lecture again of our rescue diver manual. This was then followed by a practical session in the water where we had to handle an unconscious diver at the surface by pulling him onto the boat. We quickly found out how challenging exits can be. Then we learned how to handle a panicked diver on the surface, where every approach was challenging. Pretending to be victims, Leah and Amelie had much fun making it as real as possible for us. Finished with the exercise, we changed into dry clothes and started making dinner, and during the meal we had our daily dose of glums and glows. Following that we started making brownies for the party organized on our sister boat Nil. And this is how a day full of new and fun experiences ends.

Signing off,