St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Rescue, BBQ and Tobago

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Today started off with lots and lots of rain. Paige and Chloe slept through it outside somehow while everyone else was huddled inside. John made us delicious treats for breakfast which consisted of donuts and cinnamon buns. We ate those in the rain while doing knowledge reviews 4 and 5 for our rescue course. Once we finished learning, we headed over to one of the many islands in Tobago Cays and started our last lecture on the beach. After the lecture we went on hike that was highly rewarding, but only 5 minutes. The view was incredible, you could see miles and miles of clear blue water. We took lots of pictures and then made our way down. On our descent, we saw many huge iguanas.

Once we were back on the boat we got to start the infamous rescue 7: a long, complicated rescue for an unresponsive diver on the surface. Some of us were in the water for two and a half hours, but Dan and Grace got to go first and then get out to make lunch as soon as they finished. This way, we could have lunch as soon as we were done. For the rest of us we either acted dead, as a rescuer, or held people's equipment. This was the most challenging skill we have done so far-but was rewarding once we completed it. The coolest part was when it started down pouring and all we could see was what was in front of us. It was cold, but the sun came out soon after. After that, we got to nourish our hungry tummies with rice and beans. Some have strange diets, Paige and Grace also ate chips with jelly on them.

After that we had lots of free time, Jonah, Alison, Paige went the island and explored the beach while others napped. Indeed, Matt, Peter, Jonah, Dan, Grace, and Chloe found comfy spots and went right to sleep. After we stared with rescue 10, another long and complicated rescue. That involved lots of teamwork. Then, we had two hours for free time and to clean our cabins, shower, and get ready for our first dinner on land. It was a deep clean for some. The girls spent an hour cleaning their cabins while the boys took a half hour, all depended on the state of our cabins. Somehow Chloe managed to get stuck in her hatch while cleaning, but she quickly managed to unstuck herself. Finally we went to dinner on shore and the food was delicious. It was fun to spend time with the other boat in our fleet, Nil. Sadly it started down pouring. We got back to the boat and everything was soaking wet, because some of us left our hatches opened. Another great lesson learned. That was our day!