St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Rain and Rescue

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Today Captain John and our dive instructors Leah and Amelie woke up bright and early to set sail for Isle de Quatre. We slowly woke up shortly after from the rolling waves and got to watch the sunrise. Looking out at the empty horizon we watched as the sun slowly lifted itself into the sky. As we piloted toward our next stop we made our breakfast and got ready to start our day.

Our day began with some book work - we all sat down to finish up our specialty knowledge reviews. These allow us to finish courses like our Deep Diver and Drift Diver specialties, where we're learning all sorts of new dive skills. Hiding out in the salon of our boat to avoid the pouring rain, we worked hard to get them all done. Then, once our tanks were ready to dive with and we were done getting our knowledge, we set up our dive gear and got ready to jump in the refreshing water.

For our dive, we motored to Pigeon Island, a little island near Isle de Quartre. When we descended into the water we were greeted by a sloping wall with tons of different coral and marine life. We saw a bunch of fish like eels, lobsters, parrot fish, lion fish and even a few barracuda. The wall was deep, and we all got to look down to where it dropped off into the blue, with beautiful coral all the way down. During our post dive debrief we were treated with another Caribbean rain shower, this one more like a torrential downpour. It was fun, like an extra fresh water shower!

After getting out of the water we had some free time and then finished our sail to Bequia. When we got there we started to review for our rescue exam. After reviewing the course we spread out across the boat and took our exams. Thankfully, we all passed and are even closer to earning our certifications. After that we started to make dinner and conclude our day! We had a delicious dinner of pasta bake, with cookies for dessert made by some of the girls. All in all, it was a great day!

Signing off,