St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Ransom is 50 jars of Peanut Butter

Monday, July 29, 2019


Hello, it is the pirate of the Caribbean who hijacked Cavendish, GV22. I am writing this trip update as the kids would not give me a break until i agreed to write it. It was their only request.
Anyway apparently according to these children, today they began their day with a 6 am dawn dive. Those aged 15 and up did the deep dive on Bequia wall. We reached 100 feet! We also saw a turtle who we knew was old because he had a barnacle on his back. Oh hi parents! The pirate gave us the computer so we will write the rest of the trip update.

When we surfaced, we enjoyed fresh-baked banana bread delivered by a boat boy, and fruit. We also had some granola and cereal. After breakfast, we had time to chill while the tanks were pumped. Then, we went on our second dive of the day, also on Bequia wall. We saw some eels, and we worked on improving our buddy train. We were all tired after dive two, so the cooks for the day made us some grilled cheese for lunch. After lunch, we had more time to relax as we motored over to dive three.

We were all set up for dive three, but then in an interesting turn of events, our dive instructor Amelie was unresponsive in the water and we had to save her for a rescue scenario. We actually managed to revive her using CPR and our newly discovered rescue 10 skills. Dive three was on Bequia tug, a tug boat that was sunk to become an artificial reef and was really cool. While underwater, we watched how the pressure impacts an egg when cracked, and how it impacts the shape of a blown-up glove.

After our last dive of the day, we were super tired. However, our amazing counselors surprised us with pizza! it was really good. Then, the pirate smelled the pizza and decided to climb aboard. After he enjoyed some Hawaiian pizza, and decided that he really liked us and our beautiful boat and wanted to hold us for ransom.

Hi, pirate again. As the title suggests, i would like at least 50 jars of peanut butter in exchange for their release. If not, that's fine i'll just chill with them in the Caribbean until i figure out how to get back to Rum Island. I think they might even teach me how to dive!

Signing off,


(aka Grace)