St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

250 stairs

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Hi from Young Island. We got to wake up in Bequia this morning at 7:00, and everyone can agree that is was the best sleep we've had in 13 days! After french toast, we completed our Specialty Knowledge Reviews. We then dingied into town and were given 9:00-12:00 to spend our time in town. We all ate lunch full of burgers and salads. When we have town time, it mostly/always consists of food. Some of us purchased post-cards and wrote to people. When we got back to boat, John gave us a sailing lesson. It taught us how not to die if we were left alone on a sail boat, and taught us the names of all the parts of the boat. Leah fake disapeared as soon as the lesson was over. Grace and I were delegated to do the underwater search patterns-not our strongest area, but a great opportunity to improve. Pietro and Alison searched on water without dive gear , and Jonah,Matt,Dan, and Chloe were on the boat looking for bubbles and signs of her. This was our first unresponsive missing diver scenario. And it was successful!

We then sailed to Young Island. We shared stories about injuries and acupuncture. We were awe-struck when we arrived at Young Island because of the rolling hills of greenery and the old fort that we later got to visit. The Instructors put together a swing off of the side of the boat using the boom. Some kids came over from Nil and joined. Dan humored us when he made attempt after attempt of back fliping and landing on his face. We prepared dinner- but waited to cook it because we were going to walk up the 250 stair surface of Young Island!

We ascended the fort to watch the sunset and look over st.Vincent. We took many pictures of the view- as it was probably the most beautiful thing we have seen this whole trip. When we came home we took showers and ate Hawaiian stir-fry. Chloe falls a lot. Now we are sitting in the cockpit. Goodnight!