St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Gardens and Reefs

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Another awesome day in the Caribbean started bright and early today when we ate a quick breakfast and hopped in our dinghy to head ashore. We drove to a small dock where a taxi picked us up to take us to the Botanical Gardens on St. Vincent. The drive was really pretty, and when we got there, our guide showed us all sorts of tropical trees and flowers. We got to smell cinnamon bark and flowers used in perfume, and he showed us some local fruits and seed pods that can be made into jewelry.

Once we had taxied back to the dock, we drove back to our boat in time for lunch. As we ate, we started moving, dropping our mooring ball and heading off for Smuggler's Cove. It was a nice, gentle ride, and as we approached the cove, we all got ready to drop in for a dive. We jumped in by the shore heading into the anchorage and found a beautiful wall that dropped to hundreds of feet deep. We cruised along at about sixty feet, seeing colorful coral and huge schools of fish. It felt like being in Finding Nemo!

After that dive, we anchored ourselves in Smuggler's alongside our sister boat, Nil. With both boats tied together, we got to hang out with their kids a lot, snorkeling and exploring the clear water. We also went cliff jumping off two rocks in the bay, which was super fun! Then, after lots of free time and an early dinner, we hopped in the water again for our second night dive. We swam along the reef away from our boat and saw several octopi (octopuses? We're not sure) plus a ton of lobsters. At the end of the dive, for our skill, we had to navigate back to the boat while our instructors watched. It was hard, but we managed it in just a few minutes!

After our night dive, we had our nightly hot chocolate party. Now we're getting ready for bed and another big day tomorrow!