Caribbean Grenadines Advanced Scuba Voyage — Thursday, August 1, 2019

Dive Day in Smuggler's

Today the day started off late with a wonderful wake up at 7 am followed by our usual Swedish and French songs. Right after we had a very nice breakfast composed of egg baskets and toast, followed by our morning session of clean up. Then our "dive day" began with everyone's favorite dive of the entire trip: the bat cave, a dive composed of a cave full of bats which flew over our heads for most of the dive, a tiny crack in which we made our way through admiring the different shades of colors formed by the sun hitting the surface of the water and the marine life composed of many black spotted eels and gigantic Caribbean lobsters followed by a variety of colorful corals.

After a bit of time for ourselves on our boat we started making lunch composed of burritos and veggies. Afterwards we went to set up our dive gear for the second dive of the day which was more of a fun dive where our instructors Leah and Amelie hid some objects in the ocean and we had to find them using our compass and dive skills on our own. As soon as all the buddy teams surfaced with the hidden objects we immediately switched tanks and headed off for our third dive of the day, in which we swam around a beautiful and healthy coral reef where we observed an explosion of colors and different types of animals all around us (in fact we all felt like being in the set of "Finding nemo").

In the evening we again had a few moments to relax and go cliff jumping, snorkeling and enjoy the Caribbean. Towards 5:30 in the evening we had our last meal of the day composed of original "Pasta al pesto" and followed by our daily session of glums and glows and gear set up for our fourth dive of the day: an amazing night dive on another side of the coral reef already explored today. We saw an octopus almost immediately and after that tons of lobster and cool crabs. After that we had a wonderful session of hot chocolate and everyone's favorite movie: "The incredibles 2".

Signing off,