St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Best Dive Ever

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Today we got to sleep in! We woke up at 7:00 after a late night watching Pirates of The Caribbean. We had breakfast- oatmeal and hash browns, then started sailing to our LAST DIVE SITE! A few of us decided to have a little extra fun this dive and dressed up in Hawaiian shirts to match our dive instructors, or wore our bucket hats. Then, we played our diving song one last time, set our last ten minute timer, and jumped off the back steps into a bittersweet dive. The dive was absolutely beautiful, and we truly didn't want to come up at the end. It was a bottomless wall that went on and on, and it was covered in beautiful coral. After following the wall for twenty minutes, we had worked our way up to 50 feet and we saw a shape out in the blue. We swam across a steep patch of sand and came upon another giant wall of coral! We spent another twenty minutes coming up shallower and shallower, swimming through schools and fish and exploring the top of the second wall. We even saw a shark! At the end of the dive, we did our last safety stop out in the blue. The water was so clear that we could see our skipper John driving the boat above us. We even saw him wave to us!

When we surfaced from our dive we said our last goodbyes to our BCDs and our weight belts. Then we started sailing yet again. We passed by a volcano and beautiful mountains that looked like they were straight out of the movie Tarzan. We were going to go to a waterfall but the dinghy dock conditions were a little sketchy, and none of us really wanted to capsize the dinghy today. So, due to the conditions we made a u-turn and started sailing to a new bay, Cumberland bay. The sail was super fun, but most of us ended up sleeping for a nice chunk of the ride.

When we got to the bay, we were VERY hot. We jumped right into the water and realized it was... blurry? Of course, with our diver minds, we assumed it was thermocline (cold and hot water mixing), but we were wrong. The water was brackish- a mix between salt and fresh water. It was super cool because the water at the surface was really cold and blurry, but then when you went under, it got warm and clear. There were also tons of fish in giant schools! Both us and the other boat, Nil, swam for about two hours around our boats and watched Leah and Amelie try, and succeed, at getting on the paddleboard in their SCUBA gear. It was super funny watching them fall off over and over again, and they were really happy when they both stood up together.

After swimming, we sat outside and bought a ton of fruit, while our instructors cooked our dinner! After dinner we started glums and glows but then we realized that the sunset was amazing. We finished our Gs and Gs out on the tramp watching the sunset, talking about how lucky we are to be in the beautiful place. Today was really great, and we are all getting pretty sad about leaving soon, but we are so happy that we have been here.