St. Lucia + The Windward Islands: Advanced Scuba + Sailing Voyage

Hike, Mud, Waterfall: Cava's Got It All

Monday, August 5, 2019

7 am was the time when members of Cavendish were awoken from their deep slumber. It was yet another morning of pancakes and as they were devoured, we were briefed about our excursion to come. We cleaned up hastily and went to shore. Upon the shore of Marigot Bay, both Cavendish and Nil patrons awaited eagerly for the van that will whisk them away to their first stop in this three part adventure. The first part was a short hike along a beautiful nature trail on top of the Pitons, two tall peaks which sit at the southern point of St-Lucia. It was raining quite a lot, yet the fog made the walk all the more magical. The second part of our adventure day were the hot springs mud baths.

I, on the other hand, got into a small cab accompanied by Leah, and after a long and curvy ride, ended up at the doctor, who checked out my ailments. While I was being examined, the others were living it up at the mud baths. It was brought to my attention that they sat in a very hot pool of mud and smeared it all over themselves, whilst a doctor was putting a tuning fork on my forehead and asking which ear I could hear it in. Once I was diagnosed, the cab brought me back to the rendez-vous point, which was at the mud baths. I did get to see some people covered in mud and getting their faces painted with it. They all said the mud made their skin super soft.

Then, we all walked to the van and it took us to the next spot, a nice lunch spot in the middle of the mountains. Upon entry to the buffet style restaurant, we were greeted with some delicious ice cold passion fruit juice. After a fantastic lunch of salad, plantains, chow mein, rice, and chicken (not canned for once), we walked through the rain to the van yet again and went to our final destination: the Toraille waterfall! You know you are at a cool waterfall when there is a snack shop right next to it. We all ran into the water and took turns getting pummeled by the empowering waterfall. It was so extremely powerful, leaving us with red backs and shoulders from the stream if we stayed too long. I once lied down under the waterfall and as I tried to stand up, it would push me down, giving me no other choice but to army crawl away from it. Feeling nice and clean and refreshed, we hopped on the van for one last ride to the dock. As we waited to be picked up by the dinghy, we reflected upon the nice day we just had and that, in a few days, our lives will go back to the way it was, as we leave for home.

Back aboard the yacht, our last dinner aboard was made, served, and eaten, as we recalled past memories of our trip. We drank some hot chocolate as a closing to an exuberant, exhilarating day. Then, in an amazing plot twist, our instructors surprised us by taking us to the dock to get ice cream!

It has been an amazing trip, and we are all sad that cleanup is tomorrow as it spells the end of the trip.

This is actually my last trip update. So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye.

Dr. Daniel Schneider, Emergency First Responder, Certified advanced open water diver. Also certified snack.