Panama Photography Adventure

iBienvenido a Panamá!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Welcome to Panama!

Today marked the first day of our incredible journey here in Panama, and it exceeded expectations! It was a day of warm welcomes in the Panama City Airport, where we spent the majority of the day getting to know each other as we waited for everybody to arrive.

Once we were all back at the hotel, we did a quick orientation to learn about the basics of a Broadreach program. We got to watch a slide show with pictures of the places we will visit, which gave us a great visual preview into what the next couple of weeks will bring us. Seeing actual pictures of the locations we will be visiting got us all really excited for the program to finally be starting!

After orientations, we went to dinner and ate some delicious pizza. When we got back, we went through one more orientation that focused on building a positive community for our group, and wrote some characteristics that we want our group to have on the Broadreach flag. It was so encouraging to see how kind, open, and helpful everyone was with each other right off the bat. Our trip has gotten off to a great start, and we can't wait to see what Panamá has in store for us!

iHasta luego!

Tori and Giulia, Broadreach Instructors