Panama Photography Adventure

Breaking the Ice

Monday, July 15, 2019

Today was super fun for many reasons. We woke up and had a wonderful breakfast along with going on a photo walk through Boquete. Next, we went to a dog shelter. At first it was a little odd because we were picking up poop, but then it got super exciting when it was our turn to wash the dogs. We also took the dogs on walks and took their photos.

After our first adventure we ate lunch, then later walked to a little market. At the market there were so many things to look at from, beaded bracelets to keychains. We all wanted different things to buy for our families and friends. Since there was such a vast amount of items, we all got unique gifts to take home. It was awesome to see all the handmade souvenirs people had made.

Though we got to play with dogs for hours, mine and most of our favorite parts of the day was when we all hung out and listened to music in the villa. This really helped break the ice and find common interests to talk about which made for a very lively and fun dinner and evening.

At dinner we talked about what words we would use to describe the day. Annie said her word would be “cute” to describe the dogs. Sophia said her word would be “vlogging” which would be used whenever we took out of cameras and videotaped and interviewed each other. Josh's word was “dog” because all of the fun memories we made with the ones at the shelter. I cant wait to see what tomorrow has for us!

iHasta luego!

- Lila, Leader of the Day