Panama Photography Adventure

Paddling Forward!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

We started off the day with our first homemade breakfast, and then set off to go rafting! When we first got there after a two-hour long drive, we were greeted with all of our equipment and then almost immediately set off. We were doing well for the beginning and only getting somewhat wet, up until we went down one of the rapids the wrong way and half of our group fell off of the boat. We had to quickly pull them back onto the boat so that they wouldn’t get swept away in the next rapids, but we got them back up and no one got injured or swept away. In fact, they were laughing!

After that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the rafting trip, on parts of the trip people purposefully jumped into the water.
When we got out of the water, we had followed the river so far that we ended up going into Costa Rica a little bit. We then had another drive to get back to our apartment in Boquete. We all took nice and fulfilling naps on the drive.

Once we got back to Boquete we had an early dinner and then a few photo lessons, we had opportunities to try out our new techniques and fill out our Panama Photography Bingo Cards. Over all today was a very fun day and we are all looking forward to tomorrow.

iHasta luego!

- Joshua, Leader of the Day