Panama Photography Adventure

Climbing, Coffee, and Arachnids?!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Today we woke up early to start our day off with another adventure…rock climbing! We arrived at the wall feeling nervous and out of our comfort zones. Even though climbing was scary it was worth it for the feeling of accomplishment when we reached the top of the rock. Josh modeled for us to try out our new photography techniques. Everyone tried climbing and left with great photos!

Later in the day we visited a coffee farm. We tasted different types of coffee and even tea from the farm’s own brand. Lila actually loved the coffee (only after adding 5 spoons of sugar). Once we got back to the apartment Sophia and Lila sang songs and played the ukulele for us. Before dinner we had a photo lesson in the courtyard where we ended the day with a cotton candy sunset!

Just kidding… while I was writing this we saw a HUGE spider in the bathroom and after everyone screaming and standing on the chairs for 10 minutes… Josh saved the day, capturing it!

To end this update, I tried to make a haiku…

Had homemade pancakes
Climbing and coffee tasting
Spiders end our day.

iHasta luego!

- Annie, Leader of the Day