Panama Photography Adventure

Up In the Clouds

Thursday, July 18, 2019

This morning we had French toast for breakfast, which two of us made. After that, we relaxed for about an hour. Someone played the guitar and sung, someone read, and someone doesn’t know what they did. When we left the Villa Style Apartments that we’re staying in, we were in a vehicle for around fifteen minutes, we stopped to take a few pictures of a waterfall on our way, then continued on for another fifteen minutes. We stopped where we were going, hiking in Cloud Forest. We went on a three mile long hike, one and a half miles up to a waterfall, and one and a half miles back down.

Our hike took about three hours. When we were done, we went back to our apartments and ate lunch. We then re tie-dyed our Broadreach group flag. Then, we watched High School Musical on a laptop in our "hangout room." When High School Musical was over, we had a photo lesson and learned all about International Standards Organization (ISO), and went on a photo walk around town (We went on a walk around town to find good picture opportunities). Then we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and came back to our apartments, now I’m writing this.

The end.

iHasta luego!

- Sophia, Leader of the Day