Panama Photography Adventure

To the Beach!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Today was a very exciting day. It started with a nice car ride, which went from the city of Boquete to the nice peaceful ocean scape in Isla Bastimentos. We even stopped for cookies on the way! Our first stop was at Almirante where we got on a boat to Bocas. On the ride we saw dolphins and felt the gorgeous sea breeze on our faces, which was a big change in contrast to our long car ride. When the boat ride was over we had some lunch and bought lychees at a market.

Next we got another boat which took us to what we can all agree is the most amazing place ever! When we arrived we were greeted by beautiful tiki huts and hammocks in the water. After we got our rooms, we tried some lychees, which turns out are very, very good!

After we hung on the hammocks in the water and went for a quick swim, we had a photography lesson, and then time to test out what we learned. Sophia worked on editing a video, while Josh helped us take pictures. Annie and I had a fun time swinging in the many hammocks together.

To rinse off the salt water, we took lovely outdoor showers and got ready for dinner. Dinner was super good, not to mention the AMAZING mango juice! So far I have really enjoyed staying in our new location, and cant wait to do more exploring tomorrow!

iHasta luego!

- Lila, Leader of the Day