Panama Photography Adventure

Let There Be Paint!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Today was one of the best days ever. It started off with a rainstorm last night which we all thought would lead to another rainy day, but we were very incorrect. After breakfast, we got in a boat, which took us to a local Gnobe village. We finished our second community service project, which was finishing painting a new classroom at the school. Before we started, we learned that past Broadreach groups had put in a lot of work in the village by installing water tanks, paving a sidewalk, and even building classrooms for the new high school! When we first arrived at the village, walking through was both exciting and different. None of us were sure of what to expect, how to speak in Spanish, or how to paint classrooms.

When were walking to the classroom we saw so many smiling faces that greeted us . When we started to paint, little kids slowly came inside and watched. Painting was definitely a highlight but I did get very dirty. After our painting adventure we began to walk around the village and photograph the kids. Slowly, little kids started to come up to us and try and communicate, it was so much fun! We let them use our cameras and help us take pictures. It was also really fun taking pictures of the while they played "futbol," or as we say soccer. Overall, going to the village was so much fun and an amazing adventure. On our walk back to the boat, we even saw a sloth!
After we were back and had lunch, we learned more about editing our pictures on Lightroom! After Lightroom, we played another very heated game of Ticket To Ride in which Tori won, but I came in a close second! Dinner was very special because at the end, the owners Dave and Susan gave a toast because we were the last guests to be staying in the lodge before they sell it. This made us all feel very special, knowing we'd be the last Broadreach group to stay with them in Bastimentos.

Quick after dinner, we did a little more painting with light in pictures, we even spelled out one to say "MINA," the name of their daughter that we have had the privilege to spend time with here at. Tomorrow we travel to our last location, although we are sad to leave this place, we are all very excited to see where the trip takes us!

iHasta luego!

- Lila, Leader of the Day