Panama Photography Adventure

Surf's Up!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Today was the first day that we were in the beautiful town of Santa Catalina. We started our day off by surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful black sand beach was just a short walk down from the eco lodge. We had a surf instructor who taught us the basics about the water sport and who helped us while in the water. We took photos of each other surfing for a few hours and got some cool action shots.

After surfing we went back to our rooms to rinse off and get ready to go into town. We went on a photo walk through the town and went into a few shops. We even saw a few people riding horses bare-back in the street! After the photo walk we took some time to look through our photos from the day and edit them. Then we relaxed in hammocks until dinner.

To end our day, we gathered on the porch and drank hot cocoa. Today was one of my favorite days so far!

Quotes from everyone:
Lila- “I am a better surfer than my dad and Shake Shack is better than Five Guys.”
Sophia- “I swallowed two gallons of salt water.”
Josh- “My favorite dinosaur is a stegosaurus.”

iHasta luego!

- Annie, Leader of the Day