Panama Photography Adventure

Island to Island

Friday, July 26, 2019

When we left the eco-lodge today, we got in a truck and it was a three minute drive before we got to the beach. Once we got to the beach, we waited about fifteen minutes before we got into the boat that was taking us around. It was an hour and a half long boat ride until we got to the first place, but on the way, we saw a pelican that came and swam next to our boat! When the boat ride was over, we were at our first of five islands that we visited today.

At the first island, we snorkeled and swam around in the beautiful, blue water. We were there for about forty-five minutes before we went to the second island. The second island was called Hermit Island because of the giant rock shaped like a hermit crab right next to the island! There were a lot of hermit crabs there too and they were wrestling each other and eating food that people dropped. We had hermit crab races too! This was done by making race tracks that the hermit crabs could race on and walls long enough that the crabs couldn’t climb over them. It was really fun to see which of the two hermit crabs we picked was faster.

After that, we got back on the boat for the third island. On the third island, we ate lunch. We weren’t there very long before we left for the last two islands. The second-to-last island that we went to, we stopped right in front of the island and let people out so they could go snorkel and see sharks beneath us. This island had black sand, and the water was absolutely clear so we could see completely through it! When everyone came back from snorkeling, we went to the next island. There we had a snack and swam around. This island had a long stretch of white sand and blue water.

It took another hour and a half long boat ride to get back to the main beach. However, this time we saw dolphins! Overall, it was a very exciting day!

iHasta luego!

- Sophia, Leader of the Day