Panama Photography Adventure

Last Day In Paradise

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Today was one of my favorite days on the trip for so many reasons! We stared out waking up to another beautiful day next to the beach. We ate some breakfast and got into our bathing suits. We walked to the black sand beach and began the best day yet. Last time we surfed, we were all hesitant to go first, but this time we all wanted to go! Josh and Annie started first; Josh said he felt “accomplished” with his surfing ability while Annie felt like she could become a “professional surfer.” While they surfed around for awhile, me and Sophia watched a dog eat a crab, and took pictures of the surfers.

After when we switched out the surfers I had a chance to surf for awhile and Sophia, Annie and Josh went body surfing a played in the waves. During this time I felt like I really improved and could definitely beat my brother and dad surfing later on in my life, whoops! Later Annie and Sophia had some more time to jump in the waves, and Josh caught some more waves on his board. We made sure to look for more shells on the shore and I even collected a bag of black sand so I can remember the beach.

When we got back to the lodge we took some time to take showers, which we all needed desperately. After showering we ate lunch and had some chill time, which Sophia called a “siesta,” because we were all exhausted.

Later we began our second adventure. We started our walk to dinner and on the way stopped for some pre-dinner ice cream, even though Josh felt it was wrong to have dessert first. After ice cream, we caught golden hour just in time and took some great photos. We then had a great dinner and fun walk home. On our walk home we stopped for some late night swinging on a playground and star photography. Overall today we awesome and we are all sad to leave our last destination!

iHasta luego!

- Lila, Leader of the Day