Costa Rica Dolphin & Ecology 12-Day Adventure — Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Meet the Instructors!

Meet Carley and Amanda, the instructors that will be leading this amazing Broadreach program this summer! With their breadth of expertise and dedication to helping students discover the world and their place in it, they are thrilled to embark on this journey and summer of unforgettable experiences.


Carley grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and earned her undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University. While at NC State, she designed her own major focused on wildlife conservation and communication. She then earned a Masters of Science in Entomology from Penn State, where she focused on wild pollinators of pumpkins. Carley is a seasoned world traveler. She has lived in Australia, Costa Rica and Kenya, and has visited Canada, Namibia, Malawi, Rwanda, New Zealand, Iceland and several Caribbean islands. When she is not working for Broadreach, she is a research technician in the Genomic and Microbiology Lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. She works on ecological genetics projects, using DNA to explore ecological questions such as how many bumblebee colonies are visiting a pumpkin field or are we boosting the population of declining fish species? When she’s not exploring the natural world through DNA, Carley loves to grow succulents and take care of her two pet cats and two axolotl amphibians. She has also been snowboarding for ten years and enjoys swimming, yoga, tennis and can even ride a unicycle. Excited about her first adventure with Broadreach, Carley can’t wait to be back in Costa Rica sharing her knowledge of ecology and imparting the importance of wildlife conservation on the students on this years Costa Rica Dolphin & Ecology 12-Day Adventure!


Amanda grew up in Riverside, California and then went on to earn a Bachelor's of Science in zoology from the University of California. Amanda is extremely passionate about conservation and animal welfare, which led her to pursue a career in wildlife ecology. She currently works as a sloth technician supervisor with the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica. Her daily tasks include rescue, rehabilitation and release of sloths back into the wild. She is also heavily involved in the collection of data for investigation and study of sloth behavior. Next to wildlife conservation, Amanda’s favorite thing is music. When she’s back home in California, she loves to play her saxophone and piano. When Amanda is not caring for sloths, you can find her letting loose by dancing to her favorite songs. Her motto has always been to “dance away any problems and welcome in the good vibes.” Amanda is so excited for her first summer with Broadreach on the Costa Rica & Ecology 12- Day Adventure! She’s looking forward to spreading her passion for wildlife ecology, sharing her knowledge of Costa Rica and having loads of fun with the students on this program!