Costa Rica Dolphin & Ecology 12-Day Adventure — Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Alas, Amazing Arrivals!

Good evening from Costa Rica!

For months we (Amanda and Carley) have been planning lessons, reviewing itineraries, practicing our Spanish and imagining what it would be like to lead Anhwei, Jonathan, Rory, Paulo, Sarah and Sophia on a whirlwind adventure through some of Costa Rica's most gorgeous ecosystems! Today, all that planning has paid off: all our students have finally arrived (safe and sound)! We called parents, collected passports and fed hungry students at a local fish/ceviche restaurant.

Everyone is extremely excited to begin our journey! Tomorrow we begin our ascent into the mysterious jungles to discover our glamping location behind the waterfall of Las Tumbas. We will be using this incredible location to take a moment to disconnect as there is no internet or cell phone service at this location. We will be posting our trip update for 7/25/19 on the following day, 7/26/19.

The students arrived oh what great fun,
This long awaited adventure has finally begun!
With orientations and ice breakers galore,
We can't wait to see what Costa Rica has in store!

We look forward to sharing our adventure with everyone. Stay tuned!

Carley and Amanda