Costa Rica Dolphin & Ecology 12-Day Adventure — Friday, July 26, 2019

Adrenaline, Adventures, & Amazement! (By Sofia Salvo)

Today we started with nerves and excitement as we hiked up to the top of the waterfall in order to rappel down. After listening to all the instructions Jonathan was brave enough to go first! He was going to record all of the rappelling with his Go Pro, but it died just as he started over the ledge. Thankfully our instructors took tons of pictures. Going one by one, we were cheering each other on as we went down the waterfall. After getting the OK from our guides Rory and Anhwei even went safely upside down while rappelling and Paulo overcame his fear of heights!
After the adrenaline rush of rappelling down the waterfall, we walked down to the natural pools that are created by the waterfall. The water was very very cold however we all jumped in immediately, very eager to enjoy the beautiful view and water. I (Sofia) also took many pictures of us in the waterfall with my Kodak disposable camera that no one had seen or been familiar with.
After a very nauseous car ride we arrived to the town of Chirripo where we went to our cooking class with a very nice Costa Rican family. They laid out a variety of fruits such as pineapple, guava, mango and other exotic Latin fruits. We also made homemade tortillas and Sarah got it perfect on the first try meanwhile we were all struggling. After eating delicious yuca, rice, beans and tortillas we hiked up with our Cloudbridge guide Greg to our cabins in which we are staying. Greg is also British therefore, I could not understand a word he said. We then went on a night hike in which we saw amazing animals such as a praying mantis, glass frog, and we even got to listen to the recording of a bat that was near by.

Today we rappelled down a waterfall
We made it down one and all
We ended with a hike through the night air
Finding frogs and bugs with flair!

- Sofia Salvo, Leader of the Day 7/26/19

Hey parents! Due to our action packed schedule and sheer exhaustion, photos will be coming tomorrow afternoon. We are so sorry for the delay, but we need to get some sleep to keep up with your amazing students tomorrow!

- Amanda and Carley, co-instructors