Costa Rica Dolphin & Ecology 12-Day Adventure — Sunday, July 28, 2019

Reinvigorating Reforestation! (By Rory Walsh)

We had an early morning start with trying peanut butter on pancakes. First stop of the day was a reforestation hike which had everyone working together to put back what has been taken. As Steve Irwin expressed "If we save our wild places, we will ultimately save ourselves." With team work we accomplished planting 22 trees in an amazing short amount of time - the team work really showed through on this activity, Anhwei was a great digger, even up against the rocks hidden in the dirt. After our lovely hike back to camp, we quickly made our sweaty ways to the swimming pools. Carely and Paulo greatly endured the icebath-like water first, encouraging everyone else to join. Numbing cold waters were amazing after our tree planting adventure, but the view was even better: looking over the jungle. After some fulfilling moments, it was back to base camp for more knowledge. We greatly appreciated Dylan for his fun and amazing presentation about tracking animals. Nice to hear he did the impossible! Leaving Tuesday, he proved to everyone in his 3 months stay that he had skills by catching some of the rarest animals on camera, which is not easy work while climbing mountains. Up next was another amazing learning experience with Tom over climate change and the effects. He delivered a professionally put together power point which shed tons of knowledge over the current situation. It was great to see everyone having input and more knowledge during the presentation. Oh! I almost forgot; our stomachs were full on such amazing food cooked by such an amazing lady! After raining during our learning presentations, which gave a chilling touch to the air, we had a short break which opened up time for peace and games. Once down time was done, off to the trout farm we hiked. Very interesting place indeed. Jon was first on the line to catch a trout using a makeshift rod: one curved piece of wood wrapped in fishing line with a hook attached. Shortly after, everyone followed, Sarah maybe too much! Sofia was standing close by, and was almost hit in the face by sarah's amazing catch. Only Sofia's "cat like reflexes" helped her out of that slimy situation. Deciding on a culture experience, the group all had their fish fried instead of grilled. The whole fish fried was scary looking but the flavor was fantastic. Running on full tummies, everyone seemed to enjoyed our dark hike back to base at 6:30 pm; singing and cracking jokes all the way back. We then settled down and had a nice evening, heading to bed early after sharing our glows (aka favorite moments). Our day has sadly come to an end, but we are ready for rest and to start a new adventure tomorrow!

We hiked with spades and trees and cardboard
To clear overgrown grass exposed to sun
As we planted each tree, our spirits soared
A long days work, a good deed done.

- Rory Walsh, Leader of the Day 7/28/19

Dear parents,
We have had some internet connectivity issues out here in wonderful but wild Costa Rica. We should be able to post an update everyday, but it may be a day behind. Thank you so much for your patience!

- Carley and Amanda