Fiji Shark Studies

Welcome to the Jungle! We got fun and games!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Fiji Shark Studies 21 Program has officially commenced!!

Mugdha and Laura both arrived at the airport and were greeted with 12 jet lagged yet enthusiastic faces! Ready to begin their adventure! We hopped on our bus, loaded up our luggage and loaded up on snacks too! We hit the road, quite literally watching the sunrise over Nadi and admiring the landscape of Fiji! Our new friends were all busy chatting with nothing but excitement for their trip! We had a pit stop at Tappoo's to purchase a few Fijian essential items (a few Sulu's and Bula t-shirt's of course!). During the short stop at Tappoo's Ivy proceeded to tell us that she does Hawaiin, Polynesian and Fijian dancing back home - so we are excited for her to teach us some dancing!! Noah also purchased a fresh coconut - to taste fresh coconut milk and immerse right into Fiji life! Then the journey continued!

After a 3.5 hour bus journey, we finally arrived at our destination - our villa! It was time to give them a tour of their villa, for them to unpack and decide where to sleep (bedroom or camp in the lounge) and have a check in with us one-on-one, to ensure everyone is off to a great start!

A spot of lunch and then it was time to head over to Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD) where our students got to grips with their gear, tried on wet suits, had their Refresher in the pool to ensure they are comfortable and ready for their first coral dive tomorrow!! Whilst Laura was in the pool, with her amazing students smashing their dive skills - those on the surface played more get-to-know you games with Mugdha and are getting stuck into becoming great friends,

After the pool, it was time for home, hot showers and even more games initiated by the Maggie and Phillip, almost everyone was surprisingly still energized for games; Morgan, Mia, Nicole, Charley, Ryan, Noah, Ivy, Alex, Jordan with one already crashed out fast asleep after a full on first day (Cedar)! We had a lazy Pizza party for dinner and finally gave our students an overview of the highlights to come and introduced them to "Montgomery" or "Monty" for short, which is the new program mascot unknowingly chosen by Ryan at Tappoo's. It's a Fijian mask and there will be photo's to come!

We have had an amazing first day and have loved meeting and getting to know our students, they appear to be an energetic and enthusiastic group! We're looking forward to an incredible 3 weeks ahead! Wish us luck!

Laura & Mugdha

Happy yet sleepy Instructors after a day well done!