Fiji Shark Studies

Under the sea!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Today was a blast! Nicole even described it as a 'Sensational day!' during our glums and glows at dinner, but we'll get to that!

We started the day with a 06:30am "Swim Test" / pool party! With Earth, wind and fire to get us in the mood for an epic day! Ivy even danced her way into the pool, whilst Phillip, Ryan, Charley, Nicole, Jordan, Morgan, Noah and Mia all jumped into the pool! Alex, regrettably chose to walk in, which meant that the initial cold feeling lasted longer! After an energetic team effort, the swim test complete - we had hot showers and a pretty leisurely breakfast!

The academic lessons kicked off at 08:00am by Mugdha and our students began to learn about Fiji and Marine Protected Areas, shortly before heading out to commence our first couple of dives at Yanuca Island!

Laura also gave everyone a Reactivate Dive quiz and briefing for the day and objectives for the day; identifying unfamiliar species and placing them into their families for the Fish Specialty Certification and Cedar began his Advanced Certification Dive training!

We headed over to the dive centre for 12:30pm promptly, with the news of strong winds and potentially big swell so we needed to be organized! We met the BAD Dive crew, whom got to know our students right away! We headed out to Yanuca Island, passing the Shark Reef Marine Reserve and small sand bar islands on the way! Despite some pretty big splashes from the swell, we made it to the beautiful calm bay with crystal sparkling waters! And our students minds were blown (wait until the Shark dives!)!

Under the sea... our students were like ducks to water - or - divers to water, they are pros! They all had fun being back in the water and the real excitement sunk in! We get to do this everyday!! Under the sea the majority of the group got back into their rhythm and found their zen in the ocean, while Laura and Cedar did some extra training! Morgan found his first nudibranch on the first dive and continued to find 4 more on the second! The second dive the entire group set to work on their tropical fish species identification! Drawing detailed depictions of the marine life they found! Yet one of the glows for the day, was Noah - finding the first shark, a nurse shark! Laying under a crevice! First shark of the trip! We had a bumpy (to say the least!) ride back in some decent swell, but Nicole and Charley laughed hysterically during the entire ride back despite getting splashed by waves every 5 seconds! We had some music on the boat and even some dancing as we made our way into the river mouth and the boat ride finally calmed down!

We got home a little later than anticipated, 17:30pm (military time), some of the students chose to go for a dip in the pool.
After dinner and clean up, it was time for dive logs and journal time, and a wind down for the day! We packed in a lot today and we're going to be doing it all again tomorrow!

Sending Island vibes
Laura & Mugdha

Leaders of the Day