Fiji Shark Studies

Sharkapella and Shenanigans!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

This morning started off early as normal. Seven thirty was when we took off on the bumpy bus ride to go diving at the Seven Sisters wreck. The Seven Sisters was our first wreck dive this trip and one of the coolest. We saw a huge variety of fish ranging from parrot fish, trumpet fish, the biggest porcupine fish we've ever seen, bigger than everyone's head. In between our dive we swam to an island that was absolutely stunning. Yellow sandy beaches and bright blue water. It seems to be tradition to have tea and cookies also which everyone can't get enough of. The boat ride in was accompanied by the girls aka “Sharkapella” singing because our speaker died. Later on in the day we walked to the beach near us for a sunset swim. For dinner we went to The Establishment, which was pretty cool listening to live music and seeing our own dance to requested songs. Out of all the crazy shenanigans we pulled today, if it was either on the dive or at the beach most would say it was one of the best.

Noah Avery