Fiji Shark Studies

Photo-shoots and Acrobatics on a typical Fijian Broadreach kinda day

Monday, July 15, 2019

This morning we woke up early for our second day of shark diving. We were greeted with calm seas and a sunny day before jumping into the "Arena". Today we noticed way more activity as multiple students got "love tapped" by the curious bull and reef sharks. After lunch back at the house, some of us decided to write our journals outside by the pool. Our procrastinating skills shined through as we abandoned our journals for an acrobatic contest. Once the contest finished, we relaxed in the sun, finishing our work before the lesson. Then for dinner, we got creative and decided to have a Mexican food night! The delicious meal consisted of; Fajitas, Quesadillas and avocado chips! During clean-up, we got a polaroid camera out and had a photo shoot with the whole group! Now we are resting up, playing "Uno" and getting ready for another shark dive tomorrow!

Leader of the Day