Fiji Shark Studies

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Today was a day full of adventure and cake (made by Alex). We started off with an early morning shark dive, our very own Noah - got slapped by his very first Bullshark. With some of us having trouble with sinus congestion on the ascent; Nicole, Mia, Morgan, Cedar and myself (Maggie!) and I all stayed on the boat with Captain Joe and took naps and tanned, whilst the others continued onto their second shark dive.
After the morning of diving, we headed to the Arts Village to look around and collect / buy souvenirs and smoothies! The classic game of "Truth or Dare" happened a bit, after in the ocean. Speaking of, guess who we saw?! Arielle Vanderberge on the beach and our courageous Nicole and Charley went to her and asked if we could all get a picture (Phillip was fan girling!)
Dinner was amazing with team 2 (Phillip, Charley, Alex, Morgan, Noah and Ivy) preparing a wonderful Marinara pasta. Glums and glows were next, some of Ryan's glows were the shark dives and truth or dare on the beach! We ended our night exhausted and all falling asleep 20 minutes in. As the night went on, Phillip "stepped on a flounder", making him "twitch" so that the whole couch woke up to see his one leg go back down (we were all sleeping on the enormous couch (beds and sofas all pushed together). About 20 minutes later, Jordan rolled over the top of the couch landing on her bed on the ground! Waking no-one may I add. Noah and Nicole went back to their beds after getting out from under both Phillip and I's dead feet! Anyway, this was a pretty good day!

Leader of the Day