Fiji Shark Studies

A midterm and movie kind of day!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The group woke up between 06:30 am and 07:00 am and rushed to get on a bus that was scheduled from 07:30 am but arrived 10 minutes early. We rode out to the dive center where the dive gear was set up and waiting on the boat. The surf was greater than usual and we had overcast weather and slight rain. These lower light conditions lead to the sharks behaving more excited than usual, coming closer to divers and repeatedly bumping into them! A number of divers sat out (sadly) on the second dive due to sinus congestion, we have a few non-dive days which will hopefully give them time to recover. However, for those on the second dive, an increased confidence in the sharks.
Upon arrival back to the living quarters, students were given an opportunity to study for 2 hours before the midterm exam. It is my understanding that many had little trouble recalling information on the exam! After the exam students had an opportunity to work on their journals and species presentations before watching a movie! Decided upon by the winners of the previous nights trivia game at 08:30pm before going to sleep!

Leader of the Day