Fiji Shark Studies

"One of the most amazing trips of our lives..."

Friday, July 19, 2019

Today, we woke up at the crack of dawn. Again, no complaints though because every morning in Fiji is incredible! We're halfway through one of the most amazing trips of our lives and today was no exception. After a delicious breakfast, most of the group went out for another great day of shark diving. I, however was not one of them, four of us stayed home to rest because we were a little congested to dive. At home, Cedar, Maggie, Nicole and I played games, made friendship bracelets and talked for hours. Afterward, when the rest of the group arrived, we loved hearing their stories about getting tail-slapped in the face by bull sharks and collecting some more shark teeth. They even saw sea turtles!
Then, we had lunch before making our way back to the Arts Village. There, we bought some souvenirs, got some smoothies and finished up our journal entries. After arriving home, we had a lesson on shark research, made breakfast for dinner and ended the day off with some night swimming in our pool! It truly was a day to remember!

Leader of the Day