Fiji Shark Studies

A day filled with Shark Research and Conservation!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

As I'm sure you've grown accustomed to reading, today was yet another incredible day! We had an early 06:30am wake up to a yummy breakfast and exciting thoughts on today's shark dives! The waves were calm and the sun was shining as we made our way to the reef.
The first dive was our first dive collecting data for our respective research projects. It was a successful dive, examining shark behaviours and characteristics! Ivy was particularly excited because a shark swam quite close to her!
Once we got back home, Nani (you're amazing!) provided us with a delicious lasagna and "dough ball" lunch, which was completely devoured in minutes. With our bellies full, Mugdha taught an eye-opening and very educational lesson on the threats (natural and anthropogenic) sharks face. Shortly after the lesson, 12 very tired teenagers took a long nap. Nicole and I (Alex) went to the resort down the street to enjoy some ping pong. We attempted to invite the others, but we were simply met with silence or groans of protest. By the time we got back, Morgan, Ivy and Cedar were "boxing" and Jordan, Maggie, Mia, Noah, Phillip, Charley and Ryan were still fast asleep in the living room. Rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, group 1 began to make dinner (enchiladas!). Noah was ecstatic over Maggie's impressive guacamole and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their enchiladas. We finished off the night by watching the documentary, "Sharkwater" and loved hearing Morgan's experience of being mentored by Rob Stewart, the director of Sharkwater. After the movie, we promptly went to sleep.
Overall, another shark-filled and unbelievable day!

Alex Dolfi
Leader of the Day