Fiji Shark Studies

Sharkwater: Extinction - An inspiring day!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Today we continued our research dives in Shark Reef Marine Reserve. Each group made quite a bit of progress on answering their research question. After two dives in SRMR, we came back home to eat lunch. We had our final lesson today, which was bitter sweet, on one hand, we have almost completed the academic portion of the program, but we're nearing the end of the trip.
After our lesson, we all sat down as a group to watch the documentary "Sharkwater: Extinction", an amazing film with an inspirational message. Sharkwater and Sharkwater: Extinction have educated the entire group even further as to the current conservation status and plight of sharks and the urgent need to protect and preserve them. These documentaries inspired everyone on the program, of how to take the lessons and experiences gained here and the desire to take more action to protect sharks. We talked about this and how we were all fired up to do more for sharks and conservation collectively, over a delicious meal of Mac N' cheese and Bacon for dinner. We are hoping to create a ripple effect of shark education when we all return to our homes spanning across the USA and Canada.

Leader of the Day