Fiji Shark Studies

"It is harder to find shark teeth than one thinks!"

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hey everyone, it's Maggie and Mia here, reporting to you from Pacific Harbour. It's nearing the end of the trip now, but today was definitely a day to remember! After an early wake-up to study for our final exam, we had breakfast and started our finals around 9am.
After taking the test, we had a delicious lunch of chicken and garlic bread! Then we eagerly headed to the dive shop for our very last day of diving! We did two deep dives in the arena of the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, spending our bottom time looking for shark teeth and taking in the sight of Fiji's beautiful soft coral reefs for the last time. Aw.
After going back home with our hearts filled with love and our pockets filled with shark teeth, we piled onto the couch to finish watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before having dinner and spending the rest of the night watching The Hunger Games. We seem to be going through a serious fantasy movie phase!
We've had such a wonderful time in Fiji these last few weeks and we can't wait to savour each of our remaining days here!