Fiji Shark Studies

Our Farewell Ceremony at Beqa Adventure Divers!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Today students worked on their research papers, in which the data collected on previous research dives will be analysed and discussed along with the reasons for recording said data.
Later in the day, students attended a "Goodbye Ceremony" with the Beqa dive staff and collected their dive gear. We had all collectively made a "Thank you BEQA!" card, all describing our phenomenal experiences diving with BAD in Fiji.
We also baked 2 cakes which we decorated with sprinkles and with an amazing design of a Bull shark, of course! At the Farewell ceremony, we enjoyed Kava one last time and in Fijian culture they honored us with music, they thanked us for visiting Fiji and the sharks and welcomed us back, any time! We got some great pictures of all of the friendly Dive family we have come to love in our short stay here!
Upon arrival back at the villa, students rested and caught up more on their papers! A stray cat made a third appearance today and an additional new cat joined it! A black spider with yellow bands on the joints of its legs built a large web near the rear entrance of the villa. This invoked more wonder than fear in the students as could be expected from a group that frequently dives with sharks!! A couple of students watched the classic movie "Jumanji" whilst the cooking group set to work to produce and absolutely delicious Spaghetti Carbonara with healthy "ants on a log". We listed our glums and glows, as ever, not a glum in sight. There were clear and dry skies for the day and a high level of humidity. Overall, it was a great day! Our second to last day in Fiji!! Time has flown despite Fiji Island time!

Leader of the Day